As the most widely read, cited, and influential general medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine is committed to publishing reliable and leading-edge research for a worldwide multispecialty physician audience. Medical professionals rely on NEJM for its editorial independence, peer-reviewed content, and clinical relevance.

    • Founded: 1812
    • Frequency:  Publishes 48 weekly issues in print, continuously online
    • Editorial: Independent
    • Impact Factor1: 176.079
    • BPA Audited2
      • US Qualified Print Circulation: 108,969
      • Canadian Qualified Print Circulation: 3,027
      • International Qualified Print Circulation: 9,961
    • Japanese Print Circulation: 2,423

12021 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports, Clarivate, 2022.
2Current BPA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to publish the best research and information at the intersection of biomedical science and clinical practice and to present this information in understandable, clinically useful formats that inform health care practice and improve patient outcomes.

Editorial Policy

NEJM editorial policies ensure advertisers that their message is contained within unique and timely medical research. Additional information and instructions are available in the Editorial Policies section.

For additional information, visit NEJM.org.

NEJM Journal Watch

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to help clinicians efficiently understand medical developments to improve patient care and foster professional development.

NEJM Journal Watch equips today’s caregivers with the information and perspective needed to be clinically prepared and practice with confidence. NEJM Journal Watch is used by practicing clinicians — physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, residents, students, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals – to stay informed and current in their fields. Over 500,000 people in 178 countries read our content each month. The most important research, medical news, drug information, public health alerts, and guidelines across 12 specialties are summarized and put into perspective for you by our team of physician editors. We are also available in selected libraries for general access.

An editorially independent, go-to-source for clinicians since 1987, NEJM Journal Watch is among the principal products of NEJM Group. The mission of NEJM Group is to advance medical knowledge from research to patient care, making the connections between developments in clinical science and clinical practice to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes. NEJM Journal Watch is an independent voice within the group. Our esteemed physician authors and editors curate and summarize the most important research available from over 250 medical journals, as well as other sources of medical news.

Because context is often as important as the content itself, NEJM Journal Watch always delivers the latest medical research developments in a clinically relevant context. All of our research summaries are accompanied by expert commentary from our contributing physicians, offering a unique perspective about the research itself and how it applies to the everyday practice of medicine. Clinicians who rely on the insights and expert summaries provided by NEJM Journal Watch are among the most informed and best prepared in their fields.

For additional information visit JWatch.org.