Print Covertip and Outsert Programs

NEJM Targeted Cover Tip

A cover tip carrying your ad attached to NEJM subscriber copies is the first message your prospects see. By targeting the specialists of your choice, you get premium visibility for your product.

Specifications – Two-page Cover tip

Max. size 7.5″ w x 5.5″ h
Min. size 5″ w x 5″ h
Stock 100 lb text
Max. weight single sheet (2p)

For additional sizes, weights, formats, and quotes, contact your Sales Director or


NEJM Targeted Outserts

When your message appears on a four-page loose outsert in a clear polybag, you capture your prospects’ attention even before they open their issues.

Specifications – Four-page Outsert

Max. size folded 7.625″ w x 10.25″ h
Min. size folded 6″ w x 8″ h
Stock 120 lb text stock
Max. weight Two 2-sided outserts (4 pgs)

Please note: 4-page and larger outserts must be delivered folded.

Cover tips and outserts should not be delivered shrink-wrapped.

Eligibility and Production Requirements

To be eligible for either program you must run at least six print insertions or six special programs (or a combination of ads and special programs) in NEJM during a 12-month period. Cover tip/outsert creative pages will count toward frequency rate.

Prices are based on sizes, weights and formats noted in specifications. Variations in size, format or paper stock must be reviewed in advance and are subject to additional charges. Creative with pita pockets must be wafer-sealed.

Your creative and four mockups of the piece to be printed must be pre-approved for content, weight and size before printing. Your required mockups are due six weeks before the Thursday issue date. Your materials are due 21 days before the Thursday issue date.

Contact Information

Production questions:
(781) 434-7027
(781) 434-7036

Where to send mockups for pre-approval:

Send two mockups reflecting weight, size, and configuration to:
NEJM, Advertising Production, 860 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451

Send one mockup reflecting weight, size, and configuration to:
Quad Graphics
Attn: CE MagCat Weeklies/CE Coordinators—NEJM
1900 West Sumner Street
Hartford, WI 53027
For all mockups, specify client, brand, and first issue dates.

Final product (including issue date and job number) delivered to:
Quad Graphics
Attn: NEJM (NE515)
Receiving Department
1900 West Sumner Street
Hartford, WI 53027

Space is limited! Contact your Sales Director for availability.