Special List Matches by ME#
Targeting Opportunities

Special List Matches (US Edition)

special list matches for print targeting

NEJM accepts special list matches based on ME# for both ROB and inserts, but inserts are preferred. Please send your file or FTP link of “live” ME (medical education) numbers to DMD, at least 30 days in advance of the desired issue for matching and quote.

Rates are calculated according to circulation quantity matched and use the specialty demo rates.  All pages count toward earned frequency rate as full run ad page. Contact Ad Sales at 781-434-7556 or 781-434-7025 for more information about lists or pricing.

Text file, FTP links, and format to: Nancy Margelewski.  Be sure to include a file layout with all formats.

send list files, FTP links, and file layout with all formats to:

DMD, Attn: Nancy Margelewski
10255 W. Higgins Rd., Suite 280
Rosemont, IL 60018
Tel: 800-733-9035, ext. 16
Fax: 847-759-0987

email: nmargelewski@dmdcounts.com

There is a one-time non-commissionable charge of $300 for processing the file and a $200 non-commissionable handling fee each time the product is advertised. Please call NEJM Advertising Sales at 781-434-7556 or -7025 with any questions.

Closing dates and insert preparation are the same as full run.