Special List Matches by ME#
Targeting Opportunities

Special List Matches (US Edition)

Special ME Number List Matches
for Inserts

NEJM accepts special ME number list matches for
both ROB and inserts; inserts are preferred. Special
ME number list matches may be subject to additional
processing fees. Please call NEJM Media Sales Solutions
at (781) 434-7757, -7556, or -7025 for pricing or

Minimum ad size is full-page. Half-page ads must
run in conjunction with full-page or larger. Half-page
ads for demos are 50% of full-page rates. Rate
categories are determined by the total circulation
quantity for your specialty or combination of

Minimum demo circulation buy is 1,000. Demographic
splits greater than 20,000 will be charged the full-run

Where to Send List Match Files:
Please send your file or FTP link of “live” ME numbers at
least six weeks prior to issue date to:

Direct Medical Data
Attn: Nancy Margelewski
10255 West Higgins, Suite 280
Rosemont, IL 60018
Telephone: (800) 733-9035, ext. 16
Fax: (847) 759-0987

Be sure to include a file layout with all formats.

Closing dates and insert preparation are the same as full run.